• 1. Definitions

    (a) document : work, original or derived, contained on any support, digital or analogue, notably in the form of drawing(s), text(s), image(s), videos or film(s); (b) third parties represented: persons featuring on the documents and their successors; (c) consignment: supply to the client of documents for a fixed period of 15 days, unless different express written agreement from the Company and at agreed conditions; (d) use of the document: reproduction or communication of the document in the sense defined by the legislation on copyright; (e) Company: Sipa Press.

  • 2. Regulation

    These general terms and conditions are subject to French law and to international treaties in force concerning copyright.

  • 3. Use of the site

    Use of the site and the images is done so at your risks. The Company may for technical adaptations modify the time table and the functioning of the site or render it unavailable. Within the limits provided by the law, the Company will not in any case be held liable for direct or indirect damages, whether foreseeable or not, based on claims such as delays, transmission problems, transmission speed or access, unavailability of all or part of the images, suppression of images or files, errors, computer bugs, alterations of images, and this whatever the basis of the claim.

    All claims relating to the use of the site must be made within a time period of three months maximum. After this time period they will be lapsed.

  • 4. Intellectual property of the site

    The site is the intellectual property of the Company. The computer development of the website is the intellectual property of the company that developed it. The documents used and represented on this site (texts, images, videos, illustrations, drawings etc.) are all protected by copyright.

    Any infraction or denial of an intellectual property right or of any right relating to material belonging to Sipa Press may result in civil and/or criminal sanctions, as well as in condemnation to compensate any damages caused.

  • 5. Unauthorized use

    In case of unauthorized, illicit or use contrary to the rights of the Company (reproduction of the documents for a use which is not authorized by the license, publication without mention in a visible manner of the name of the author or of the Company, unauthorized modification...) the Company reserves the right to commence legal proceedings, notably for counterfeiting. Any unauthorized use will cause, in any case, the debiting of a minimum indemnity of 200% of the license fee with a minimum of 125 EUR, without prejudice to the right of the Company to establish larger damages.

  • 6. Confidentiality policy

    Sipa Press, data controller, gathers personal data in order to ensure the management of contractual relations with its clients. Sipa Press undertakes to only collect data indispensable for the purpose of this processing.

    The collected data may be transferred to companies linked to Sipa Press or to third parties in countries not benefiting from a sufficient level of protection. Sipa Press undertakes to structure this transfer in accordance with the applicable legal provisions (for example by signing standard contractual clauses of the European Union corresponding to the type of transfer envisaged).

    In application of the law No 18-17 of 6 January 1978 on computers, files and liberties, you have a right of opposition for legitimate reasons, a right of interrogation, of access and of rectification of all data concerning you which can be exercised by email to the address privacy@sipa.com, together with a copy of an identity card.

    The Company may eventually install a cookie on your computer. This cookie is solely linked to your activity on our website. It has no influence on the functioning of your computer. You can erase this cookie at any time from your computer. The data relating to your cookie are not transferred to third parties.

    If you erase the cookie on your computer it is possible you will no longer have access to certain functions on our site, such as access to your preferred pages or to your browsing history.

    If you think that in the framework of this confidentiality policy that we are failing in our obligations, or if you wish to update your data, you may send us an email at privacy@sipa.com.

  • 7. Eventual nullity of a clause

    In the hypothesis that a clause or a condition of these general terms and conditions would be judged null and void or inopposable, the other clauses of the contract will remain valid and will continue to be performed between the parties.

  • 8. Use of our trade mark

    Sipa Press is a protected trade mark. Its use, as well as use of its logos, are subject to prior written authorization of a manager of the Company.

  • 9. Liability for hypertext links

    The hypertext links installed in the framework of this website towards other resources present on the Internet, cannot engage the liability of the Company.

  • 10. Disputes

    Any claim must, in order to be taken into account, be sent to the Company by registered post, within eight days of the date of the sending note if the Company has sent one and if not, within eight days of the date of the invoice.

    In case of dispute, only the Tribunals of the jurisdiction of the registered office of the Company will be competent.